This Can’t Have Been Everything: 

9 strategies for a life that you love

„I love my life.“ Nicole Brandes wants all people to be able to say this from the bottom of their hearts. From coaching managers and CEOs, she knows what is missing for a lot of high performers: A passion project or the fulfilment of their dreams.

The 9 strategies help them to find their spark again, use all their power and unleash their potential. So: This can’t have been everything.

Female, Wild and Wise

Confident. Self-determined. Self-fulfilled.

This book by Nicole Brandes is particularly aimed at women who are caught on the hamster wheel of life. They are ambitious, hard-working, sacrifice themselves for their partner, their children, their boss. And their own needs. They leave themselves behind along the way.

The author knows this well from her time in top management. She wrote this book to support you to find yourself again. And ultimately live a fulfilled and successful life.


We-Intelligence: Why we will go under without it and be very successful if we use it

The rapid changes in the world of work present huge challenges for managers, entrepreneurs and employees. Nicole Brandes is convinced that in order to master the complexity of the 21st century, we need one thing: Human connection.

And so, in her exciting book, she shows that we-intelligence is not trivial, but rather a basic success factor.