A coaching program just for you
Success shouldn’t feel like a trap. A coach can help you to achieve more without sacrifying your best life. 

Perform Better at Work 

Live with Positive Energy

Experience Joy and Balance

Your first Session will Clear the Fog

A Personal Intake

We listen to your goals,
dreams and challenges.  

Receive a Customs Strategy

We give you a custom plan to
get you on the track.     

Experience Freedom and Inspiration

Go to bed knowing your life is
heading into the right direction.

With a proven coach you can accomplish anything.

Don’t just be a success, be an inspiration.

Have you achieved a lot but still feel like something is missing?
Do you feel trapped in your job?
Have you lost your spark?

The worlds most inspiring people don’t just have talent, they have tactics. Without these tactics trying to achieve success becomes stressful and life becomes unmanageable.
When you learn the tactics, you take back control of your life and your peace of life.

Inspirational performance and inspirational living can be learned.


All of the greats learned to master themselves.

The giants of our time all have one thing in common: They are true champions of being their own master. You have long been a master in your field. The next step is to become a master of yourself. We will provide you with the same road map followed by the giants…

…become capable of the extraordinary!

Save yourself time and pain.
Get more out of your life – with YOU.Unlimited-Coaching

Avoid diversions and switch to turbo – with our road map for giants

Achieve your best like the best

Grow to reap great rewards

You.Unlimited Coaching is intended for businesswomen and men who have already achieved a lot – that’s you!

If you want more, then our YOU.Unlimited Coaching is for you.

Let’s go

Golden Day

YOU.Unlimited Program

Private Coaching

Nicole Brandes had a burning question

Why are some people extremely successful while others constantly struggle? The answer lies in your psyche, productivity and powers of persuasion. If you don’t master your mind, body and ability to achieve or your capability to influence others to help them on their path, then you will stay stuck in mediocrity. But if you manage to do this, then you will change your life forever – this is the path to great achievements.

With personal advice from Nicole Brandes, you can become the best version of yourself and live your most fulfilling life. 

Founder and Coach Nicole Brandes

The business world is not just full of monsters! I loved the life of a successful hamster on a wheel, but I paid a high price for it – like so many others around me. So, I set out to explore how the most extraordinary people master their lives so perfectly. I found that the top three percent of the most successful people followed the same plan, the same habits and the same way of thinking. This is scientifically proven. I have summarized everything into 12 steps that people need to know in order achieve this themselves. What drives me is conviction, empathy and enthusiasm – I love what I do. The successes of my clients are my successes, their joy is my joy.

Why Bob Proctor thinks you should hire Nicole Brandes


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