4 Coaching Opportunities for you


4 Coaching Opportunities for you

Make quantum leaps towards extraordinary performance and an inspired life

How much of your potential do you want to use in your life? The small bit that has brought you the success you have today? Or more of it, so that you can lead a truly inspired life?

In order to achieve the extraordinary, you do not have to possess extraordinary talent – just the right strategy, habits and mindset. World class athletes, global entrepreneurs and CEOs and successful artists all use the same formula to move them forwards. You can too!

The YOU.Unlimited Programme enables you to use your own ingenuity to follow this scientifically proven process. During this six-month life-changing programme, you will:

  • Improve your energy levels, self-belief and passion 

  • Gain ground-breaking insight into the thought processes of the super successful

  • Develop an inspirational vision and experience how good it feels

  • Establish the same habits as the giants, which will enable you to stay strong and motivated in a storm

  • Break through the four biggest barriers to your success

  • Improve your relationship with yourself, improve your energy levels, self-belief and passion

  • Unlock your full potential 

  • Set achievable goals that you never thought possible. 


Live an inspired life!

Everyday life keeps flowing along but you don’t really seem to move forward. You work hard. You are successful. But can you feel it? True success is living with your inner fire and living by your own rules.

Enjoy the luxury of breaking out of the daily flows. Find yourself: Which sphere of life are you in? What is your mindset? What is your heart-set? How high are your energy levels? What are your habits? Are you on the right path? Most people are trapped in their everyday lives and are living without goals. Are you?

Use this liberating half day to determine your current situation. Make space for clarity and orientation. This will enable you to set your power free. This will create momentum and allow you set sail anew. And with the fresh air in your face it will lead you to the right shore. Get yourself out of the rut of everyday life.

You are successful and strive for more. And you can have it!

The problem is that most people use too little of their potential – because they have never learned how use more.

World class performance and lifestyle are less a question of talent and more to do with routines – the right ones! Top athletes work with their coaches regularly to achieve their goals and dreams. We will cement your successful habits. We will expand your mindset. We will train your heart-set. We will push you towards the success you want in all areas of your life. We show you new ways to succeed. We create together new paths to success in your career and your life.

Everyone has an untapped potential. When you unlock this potential, you won’t only perform better, you’ll be happier! Use it! I work with people who are highly committed to move forward. 

Let your life flow in abundance!

Why money is important: I hear again and again that money is not important. Money has an effect on almost everything, everything we do and everything we dream of: time, vitality, joy, love, creativity, friends – our lives! Money can bring joy. Money can bring frustration. These feelings don’t only stem from our financial situation but also have a considerable amount to do with our relationship to money.

What super successful people have: Extraordinarily successful people don’t necessarily have extraordinary abilities to turn their dreams into reality. But most of them do share one thing: Their mindset. It determines their success, their quality of life. You can learn this mindset.

Overcome barriers: This programme is not about how to invest your money. It is about discovering your goals, overcoming your barriers, healing your wounds and developing a strong money mindset so that your life can flow in abundance.

Learn from the best: I come from the financial sector and never thought I would find myself recommending the money mindset to other people. Once I had mastered my own money mindset, I recognised what a change it can make to your life. I have therefore put together the wisdom of my mentor and other great teachers in 12 online sessions, so that you can:

  • Identify and overcome the three important money barriers

  • Evaluate and optimise your relationship to money 

  • Recognise and heal your emotional money-related wounds

  • Establish a positive relationship to money 

  • Find out your personal money type

  • Achieve a strong money mindset

  • Establish a beautiful, positive and sustainable relationship with money

Start your exciting money mindset journey and bring more joy, energy and prosperity to your life.

For a limited time only, we are offering this programme at a special price. Please contact us for further information.