Next Stop: A keynote speech or a meeting with a customer somewhere in the world.

Nicole Brandes is travelling a lot. But she also draws strength from the often-stressful time between check in and baggage reclaim. She often uses a flight, free from distractions, to grasp new and clear thoughts.

Travel is simply part of the DNA of this cosmopolitan. Even as a child, she travelled a lot, getting to know other cultures and countries. Her passion is for people and what moves them.

In quantum leaps Nicole Brandes managed to achieve her goals. Only her fulfillment fell by the wayside.

Therefore, she liberated herself from the rigid group structures and hierarchies and reoriented herself. She went diving, skiing, racing bicycles and ultimately became an entrepreneur. 

Nicole Brandes is an international management coach and a world-renowned speaker. She supports people in finding out what they really want and enables them to achieve it.

Many thousands of people have experienced keynotes by Nicole Brandes and trust her coaching.